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Your invitation to begin - "atha yoga anushasanam"

Updated: Feb 3, 2023

It’s here, 2023 has finally arrived, and boy oh boy the last couple of years have been a doozie haven’t they? Well the good news is, we made it and for better or worse, we are here!

Chances are that here looks different for each of us and while we may or may not have landed where we thought we would, I’m here to remind you that wherever you are, you’re doing absolutely great!

When I took inventory of what here looks like for me now, at first there was some resistance, several moments of ‘well shit that happened’, then eventually grace and acceptance settled in. After all, life can be intense, a lot at times and this past cycle of life was for real! When I was able to pan out, gain perspective and actually see this new landscape for what it was, I was able to look back and acknowledge all that I had come through as well as look forward to all the possibilities that lie ahead. As I landed in my here and now I could see that I was at the beginning…again!

With every cycle there is a beginning, middle, end and space. The first teaching from Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra is “atha yoga anushasanam”. Many translate this to now the practice of yoga or now the discipline of yoga. What was once shared with me by my teachers and what personally resonates with me from this teaching is the importance of just simply beginning! I see it as an invitation to let go of expectations and the need to be good at something before trying it. I see it as an opportunity to let things get messy, to be vulnerable, to be perfectly imperfect so that I can open and create space for the process of learning something new. And when fear or doubt tries to stop or steer me in a different direction, I simply hear the echoes of this teaching whisper to me begin again, and so I do.

You see, I’m a perfectionist at heart and this is indeed an edge for me. I get in my own way by waiting for all the conditions to be right before taking action and while I love the novelty of new beginnings, I also find them challenging at times. A new perspective that I’m orienting myself with is rather than waiting for the conditions to be right, by beginning, I am righting the conditions. And so if you are waiting for the perfect time to take action and begin something, this is my invitation to you, BEGIN, exactly where you are, as you are now!

If yoga is something you've been contemplating as of late, perhaps you’re looking to begin practicing yoga or begin practicing again, here’s where I’ve been unrolling my mat these days, Danja Yoga! Its moments away from the downtown core, located in Olde Town East. If you haven’t been yet, here’s your daily dose of FOMO…you’re totally missing out lol! Just joking...but in all seriousness I cannot recommend this studio enough. A laid back atmosphere, with a warm, inclusive, and inviting community. Each time you walk through their doors, you’re sure to be welcomed with an abundance of smiles, greeted by name, and if you time it right, Enzo the Bernese Mountain Dog. They have a massive schedule with +44 weekly classes and a wide variety of classes so no matter what you’re in the mood for they have exactly the class you need. I’ve been enjoying this studio so much that I’ve joined their stellar team of teachers, brought my YTT to their studio and joined their YTT faculty. What I have been loving the most is the opportunity to not only continue to grow as a teacher but also as a practitioner. Their classes are deeply rooted in the essence of yoga and with each class I take I feel myself connect more deeply with my practice and with myself.

If you haven’t checked out this lovely studio yet, your first class is on the house. Just simply sign up for a class and use promocode: TRYOUTDANJA in the check out.

ToSign up for class head over to:

Looking for suggestions as to where to begin? Here are some class suggestions to ease you into your practice.

  • Yoga Basics

  • Deep Stretch

  • Slow Flow

  • Restorative

For classes at Danja with me here is my weekly schedule:

  • Monday - 7:15pm - Banyan Flow

  • Tuesday - 5:45pm - Flow Yoga

  • Thursday 4:30pm - Flow Yoga

Once again, let this be your official invitation and nudge to dust off your mat, grab a friend and begin, again, again and again!

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