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“Colleen is one of the most genuine and best persons I have met. She is very knowledgeable and very forthcoming with her knowledge - by far one of the best yoga instructors I have ever had, and the best possible teacher for teachers. Beyond just the material, the best thing about this program are the people: Colleen is amazing at creating a space where I felt heard, felt and seen by her and everyone else in the program.
This YTT is the gift that keeps on giving, I am still constantly looking back at the material, talking with Colleen and constantly using what I learned in the program to further my knowledge as a yogi and as a teacher. Even for people who aren't necessarily looking to teach yoga, this YTT is still beneficial to diving deeper into the practice and I would highly recommend.”

Phillip Bradshaw - Student + Yoga Teacher
Columbus School of Yoga Grad
Columbus OH, USA

"Colleen is a true gem and a teacher's teacher. Her ability to articulate the teachings of yoga in a modern and applicable way is powerful and refreshing. She is unbelievably nurturing and truly cares about the wellbeing of others. She's genuine, authentic, walks her talk, is no BS and is funny AF. #winningcombo"

Katie Brauer - Founder of the Yoga Professional and Incubator Program
San Diego CA, USA

"There are a few people you meet in the world who just emanate grace, magnetism, wisdom and greatness. Colleen is one of these gems. I have had the pleasure of knowing and learning from Colleen both as a yogi and a friend for years. She continues to be one of the influential teachers I have had. Colleen approaches life with heart and courage and in doing so, encourages others to do the same. She is honest and kind and has sincere depth. She cares deeply, walks her talk and is an asset to the yoga community. I can not speak highly enough about this woman. I am so grateful we crossed paths years ago and have maintained contact over the distance. I am thrilled she is extending her reach beyond studio doors and sharing her love of yoga and community with the world. She is a name to remember."

Dr. Karen Quinn - Chiropractor & Yoga Teacher
Calgary AB, CA

Colleen and the Columbus School of Yoga teacher training program develops amazing yoga teachers. The training and theory is meant to provide both teachers and students with growth on and off the mat. It is a safe space for all people, backgrounds, and levels of understanding, and it helps to develop teachers who can teach classes that are accessible and enjoyable for students.

Not only did I receive effective and incredible training to be an excellent yoga teacher, this YTT is also a personal growth experience that I highly recommend.

Jean Madison Reiser - Graduate of the Columbus School of Yoga
Coach & Yoga Teacher
Salt Lake City Utah, USA

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 6.52.18 PM.png
"Colleen’s yoga teacher training offers both an intimate and challenging experience. She is a deeply engaged leader who trains strong and empathetic students to open to new levels of understanding of their personal and professional yoga practice. Lots of heart and soul!"

Melanie Bleveans Holm - Visual Art Teacher + Yoga Teacher
Columbus School of Yoga Gradudate
Columbus OH, USA

"When taking Colleen's classes, I've always felt an immediate sense of calm and comfort simply from her presence. She has a special way of creating a sacred space where an emotion is accepted as well as the ability to delve deeply into my own practice. Her soothing voice invites relaxation and ease. She clearly has a strong training, in depth knowledge of anatomy and passion for yoga which shows in her creative sequencing and teachings. She offers modifications in a supportive manner without making one feel inadequate but rather appreciative of his/her own unique body and gives her students the tools they need to enhance their personal practice. Colleen is a beautiful human being and her classes reflect that. I wish for everyone to be lucky as I m to hear her sing to you in savasana." 

Adele Zenide - Engineer & Yoga Teacher
Calgary AB, CA

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 7.01.52 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 7.02.27 PM.png
"Colleen is a very inspiring yoga teacher, she brings a beautiful grace to her classes and is a perfect teacher for any level of student. We miss her greatly at our yoga studio, there really is no one like her! She has a way with her students and staff that leaves everyone feeling lighter and brighter after having been with her!”

Candace Cooke - Studio Owner & Yoga Teacher, Yoga Santosha
Calgary AB, CA

"Colleen is by far my most favorite teacher! I have described her classes to others as magical. She emphasizes the importance of being kind to mind and your body, but will push you with her hip openers in the best of ways!. Colleen also makes genuine personal connections with her students, always wanting to know what new and taking the time to chat before or after class. Such a big heart!! I have learned valuable life lessons from miss Colleen's classes that I will keep with me always."

Alisha Falvo - Student
Calgary AB, CA

Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 7.02.57 PM.png
Screen Shot 2022-12-05 at 7.03.24 PM.png
"When my husband and I first moved to Calgary we stumbled upon Yoga Santosha studio and Colleen was one of my very first teachers outside of the practice of H Yoga. I haven't looked back since! Her passion is so apparent in her teachings. She also has an uncanny way of imparting knowledge to all those she teaches. After each class, I would walk away feeling not only more physically grounded but balanced as well. She is truly inspirational!"

Cheryl Korneychuck-Waddy - Psychologist & Yoga Teacher
Calgary AB, CA

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