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Yoga Classes

let's meet on the mat!

Practice with Me!

Yoga begins wherever you are, exactly as you are! The combination of movement, conscious breathing and mindfulness cultivates synchronicity of the body, mind, and heart.  With consistent practice you'll experience the myriad of yoga's benefits. You'll feel stronger, more flexible and gain essential skills for reducing anxiety and stress. You'll experience a greater sense of calm, increased vitality and come to understand what a practice looks like both on and off the mat.

So wherever you are in this season of your life, begin your practice today and get ready to be inspired and to ignite a spark within that will cultivate a thirst for self-inquiry and transformation.

In Person Private Yoga Classes in Yoga Studios in Columbus Ohio

Private  instruction is the ultimate learning experience! Fully customizable to meet you where you're at and to offer you exactly what you need!

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FREE Online Yoga Classes with Colleen O'Brien McFall Yoga

Here are a few of my pre-recorded classes for you to experience online, in your own time, wherever you might be. Enjoy!

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In Person Yoga Studio Classes in Columbus Ohio

In Person Classes

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Private Sessions

The value received in a private class is second to none, providing you with a unique experience to augment and accelerate learning , gain direct feedback and customize a practice specific to your needs.

Private Sessions Benefits

  • 1:1 instruction

  • gaining feedback

  • accelerated learning environment

  • exploring what alignment is best for you

  • customizing a class tailored to meet your specific needs

  • if you're working with an injury

  • if you're looking to gain a solid foundation before joining a group class

  • available online or in person

  • up to 3 people per session

Private Sessions - 60 Min

  • $108

  • 1-3 people per session

Private Sessions - 30 Min

  • $54

  • 1-3 people per session

Curious and want to learn more about private sessions? Let's hop on a free discovery call to discuss how a private session can help you!

FREE Online Yoga Classes


I get it! Travel, busy schedules and life can often get in the way of making it in to the studio for a yoga class. Which is why I've whipped up some yoga classes  that you can experience in your own time, wherever you might be. Here's the best part, they're FREE! 

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